Welcome to Moodilicious!

We all eat food but our body needs nutrients.

We’ll explore delicious dishes with the nutrients we need to boost our immunity, energize our bodies and nourish our souls.

Sharing good food is an immense source of happiness, including the occasional indulgent treat.

An awareness of the abundance of nutritional value in simple foods is the first step to a Moodilicious life!


What’s Coming Up?

Anything we see on a plate and can’t resist sharing.

Plus the nutrition, nothing precious or preachy, we’ll stick to our Moodilicious credentials.

Topics we want to cover will start with our own favourites and move on to anything topical and interesting.

Demonising Carbs – Carbs have had a huge ‘fake news’ story. We want to bring a little love to the carbs in our lives.

Guts and Bugs – an unfolding story, research is ongoing. What we need to learn about our internal fermentation vessel and the importance of keeping our gut happy.

Mediterranean cuisine – it is delicious simplicity and nutritional excellence.

Suggestions for future topics will be happily received – or requests to dig deeper on anything of interest.

Join us on our journey…






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