Carbs… the good, the bad and the scary!

It’s been fashonable to demonise carbs, but is it always justified?

The term covers too many foods to give a sweeping verdict on the lot. A few examples are the:

Instant energy carbs – such as the bananas we see tennis stars munching mid-match.


Slow release energy carbs – such as whole grain cereals which can keep us sustained for hours.


Complicated carbs – the barely digested carbs in pulses like chickpeas, which become food for our gut bacteria.


Junk carbs – sweets and biscuits, with virtually no nutritional value.

Chips, doughnuts and biscuits are obviously unhealthy carbs, but the foods with hidden sweetness are harder to spot.

Sugar – Genetically speaking, we have evolved to love the taste of sweetness. A quick look for sugars in the ingredients list of a packet of oaty, wholegrain, low fat, high fibre breakfast cereal and I find:

  • sugar
  • glucose syrup
  • honeydextrose
  • partially inverted brown sugar syrup
  • barley malt extract


Of all these ingredients, sugar is the least sweet.  We have found so many ways to alter a starch or sugar molecule and enhance the sweetness.  Chemically splitting a sugar or starch molecule results in small glucose molecules which have a more intense sweet taste.  One danger is that we subconsciously develop a sweet food habit.   We need to be warey of foods that look “healthy” at a glance!  Always read the ingredients list.

Our aim with Moodilicious is to promote good food prepared from scratch.


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