Carbs… the good, the bad and the scary!

It’s been fashonable to demonise carbs, but is it always justified?

The term covers too many foods to give a sweeping verdict on the lot. A few examples are the:

Instant energy carbs – such as the bananas we see tennis stars munching mid-match.


Slow release energy carbs – such as whole grain cereals which can keep us sustained for hours.


Complicated carbs – the barely digested carbs in pulses like chickpeas, which become food for our gut bacteria.


Junk carbs – sweets and biscuits, with virtually no nutritional value.

Chips, doughnuts and biscuits are obviously unhealthy carbs, but the foods with hidden sweetness are harder to spot.

Sugar – Genetically speaking, we have evolved to love the taste of sweetness. A quick look for sugars in the ingredients list of a packet of oaty, wholegrain, low fat, high fibre breakfast cereal and I find:

  • sugar
  • glucose syrup
  • honeydextrose
  • partially inverted brown sugar syrup
  • barley malt extract


Of all these ingredients, sugar is the least sweet.  We have found so many ways to alter a starch or sugar molecule and enhance the sweetness.  Chemically splitting a sugar or starch molecule results in small glucose molecules which have a more intense sweet taste.  One danger is that we subconsciously develop a sweet food habit.   We need to be warey of foods that look “healthy” at a glance!  Always read the ingredients list.

Our aim with Moodilicious is to promote good food prepared from scratch.


Welcome to Moodilicious!

We all eat food but our body needs nutrients.

We’ll explore delicious dishes with the nutrients we need to boost our immunity, energize our bodies and nourish our souls.

Sharing good food is an immense source of happiness, including the occasional indulgent treat.

An awareness of the abundance of nutritional value in simple foods is the first step to a Moodilicious life!


What’s Coming Up?

Anything we see on a plate and can’t resist sharing.

Plus the nutrition, nothing precious or preachy, we’ll stick to our Moodilicious credentials.

Topics we want to cover will start with our own favourites and move on to anything topical and interesting.

Demonising Carbs – Carbs have had a huge ‘fake news’ story. We want to bring a little love to the carbs in our lives.

Guts and Bugs – an unfolding story, research is ongoing. What we need to learn about our internal fermentation vessel and the importance of keeping our gut happy.

Mediterranean cuisine – it is delicious simplicity and nutritional excellence.

Suggestions for future topics will be happily received – or requests to dig deeper on anything of interest.

Join us on our journey…