Happy Easter! 🐣

It’s the time of the year to indulge so here’s a delicious and easy table decoration for your Easter lunch… chocolate nests filled with yummy treats!

Easter eggs in a nest!


1 packet of fried noodles

250g good quality milk or dark cooking chocolate

Your choice of eggs, chocolate, almond, nougat, yoghurt covered nuts or whatever takes your family’s fancy.

Baking Paper


Melt chocolate in a bowl over a water-filled pot at low temperature. Stir often to avoid burning the bottom. Pour noodles into melted chocolate and stir until fully coated. Line another bowl with baking paper and transfer chocolate covered noodles to this bowl. Then place another piece of baking paper on top of this and press into the centre of the chocolate noodles to form a well.



Place in the refrigerator for around half an hour to harden. Remove noodles from bowl and fill the nest with colourful eggs.


Decorate with an Easter chick if you have one.

Cheep Cheep!

Chocolate Cheer!


Chocolate coated cookies
Chocolate coated Spanish cookie treats from San Sebastian

What makes us so attracted to chocolate?

The sweet taste.
The coating of our taste buds as it dissolves in our mouth.
The rich and delicious flavour that can also be a complex bitter/sweet mixture.
And for those with a chocolate habit, the feeling can seem addictive.

Only in moderation?

The health enhancing Mediterranean diet includes a few squares of dark chocolate daily!
However, caution is advised. Milk chocolate contains around 30% fat and 52% sugar so this is definitely a treat food. But, it does have some nutritionally redeeming features. A 50g serve of milk choc provides around 10% of our daily iron and calcium needs, some choline and useful amounts of riboflavin and B12.

It also contains variable amounts of the flavanol theobromine, the concentration increasing with the quantity of cocoa solids.  This unusual substance acts on the nervous system to reduce the inactivation of some processes controlled by neurotransmitters and hormones. The effects can be to stimulate the heart, cause vaso dilation, reduce blood pressure plus have diuretic properties. These effects can be beneficial but not for people with heart burn where the relaxation of sphincters can cause reflux. The oxalate in chocolate may also increase the risk of kidney stones in those whose intake is high. The theobromine in 50g can be enough to poison a small dog.  

The best pleasure comes from the best quality and the range is enormous, but moderation is still the recommendation. Also, be aware that cocoa farming has been linked to the use of child labour, the situation is complex but finding a product we trust is a good start. Some ethical chocolate brands are found here.